About Us

What is Big Messy Mama Life?

Big Messy Mama Life is my blog designed to help overwhelmed mamas with all the struggles that go with raising a family. I share tips and tricks with everything from homeschooling to meal planning and family finances. I want to help you have the family life that you dreamed about by embracing our messes and taming our chaos.

Our Family

We are the very proud parents of 7 amazing kids ranging in ages from 22 to 3 months old. We are a family of adopted and bio children who hope to be foster parents in the future.

Our children are our lives. My husband wanted two kids and when he finally got me on board I signed up for all the babies. Most of our goals is giving them a wonderful childhood full of experiences, travel, love and laughter. We are a homeschool family with one graduate and 6 littles coming up through it.

A picture of our family before Amy was born. This was after arriving in El Paso after a 16 hour drive the day before.

Meet X

X is our oldest and only adopted boy. He and I are our original family. Then we found James and decided to keep him. Our little family of two became three. While X has had his struggles, I’m so proud of the person he has become.

Meet Lily

Lily is our oldest daughter. She had a rough start at life enduring 7 months of nonstop colic. She is an amazing big sister and easily my right hand woman. She struggles with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder and dyslexia/dysgraphia, but she is also gifted.

Meet Zac

Zac is such an amazing addition to our family. He has a heart of gold and loves so deeply. Zac has autism and rocked our world with his diagnosis and journey. He was preverbal for 4.5 years. One day he just started talking sentences and I kept holding my breath thinking he would lose all his language. He taught me so much about love not needing words.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte has a personality that is even larger than her. I often say Charlotte is an only child who was born into a large family, because she loves all the attention, all the love, and will never be a forgotten middle child. She’s highly intelligent and so full of spunk. She loves being so silly. And our life would be so bland without her spicing it up.

Meet Sam

Sam is our little wild lover boy. He gives the best hugs and is so protective over his two baby sisters. The moment he saw his baby sister, he made a complete change from my baby to her big brother. He is Monster Truck crazy right now and is just so very much a threeanger. He is always smiling.

Meet Elizabeth (Biff)

Elizabeth or as we all call her Biff Biff is so full of silliness and is really starting to discover her personality. She is so soft spoken that it’s almost hard to believe she is one of our girls. She is approaching her second birthday and is starting to show a real two year old temperament.

Finally Meet Amy

Amy is mostly a happy baby, she is still getting her tummy figured out, so she is quite a bit fussy sometimes. It’s hard being a tiny human. But her siblings all adore her so much. This baby was always in someone’s arms the first month of her life. All I heard was “Mom can I hold her?” All day every day. She is still more often than not being cuddled by one of her older siblings.

Meet James

James and I have been married for 13 years now. He is my world. He has saved my life literally more than once. He walked in when I was a a single mom raising X and just trying to get through college and chose to stay. He has seen me through anxiety, depression, brain surgery, and the death of my mom. He delivered our last two babies. He is my hero. And he has sacrificed so much for our family.

Finally It’s Me!

I’m Crystal and I will be your guide on this crazy tour of family life. I am the big messy mama. I’ve held a multitude of jobs and am happiest as a stay at home mom with her blog. I’ve been a public school mom and a home school mom; a married mom and a single mom; working mom and a stay at home mom and now a work from home mom. I struggle with anxiety, depression and ADHD. I’m the silly mama and the bad cop.