How I failed at my blog

And the tool kit that can help you not fail

I started my first blog in 2006, I worked so hard at it for 6 months and then got busy, got distracted and let it die. I did this again every two years, chasing new ideas, letting life get in the way. Excuse excuse excuse.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. For 13 years.

This year my blog game changed when I bought the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. It is full of 93 resources to make this year your most productive year ever for your blog.

Overwhelm and Ostrich

Remember watching cartoons and the Ostrich would get overwhelmed or scared and bury her head in sand. Wasn’t that hilarious?

Until you realize that you are the dumb Ostrich and you keep sticking you’re head in the sand. So frustrating.

As soon as overwhelmed set in I would freeze and not do anything. I spent months last year installing and customizing themes and feeling stuck. I paid an entire year for hosting and didn’t make one single post!!! OUCH! For shame for sure.

I got the Genius Blogger Toolkit and immediately was able to set up my website with WordPress 5.0 master class that walked me through click by click to get my blog on its feet.


Uh that word sucks. Discipline. You have to have discipline to make it through the messy middle. When you are working hard but no one is clicking your links.

Discipline is the number one reason I failed and the number one reason most people fail at their blogs. Once you get going you have to keep going.

Keeping Momentum is hard. Believe, Plan, Act is an amazing resource to help you get through the messy middle and be successful. In fact their are 6 resources that help just with your productivity.

Finding your Audience

You are showing up and writing and working and making the pins and doing all the things. And crickets. Where is your audience?

Writing the best content in the world is not going to help if you don’t have an audience. A great way to get blogs seen is through social media and SEO optimization. But how do you do it?

Instead of throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if it sticks. This Genius Blogger’s Toolkit gives you at least 22 social media and SEO resources.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

How do you get through 93 resources without completely shutting down? Well I understand that too. We are right back at the Overwhelmed and Ostrich stage. To help you fight back, I created this free Facebook group.

I want us all to succeed at making our blogging dreams a reality. That’s why I created Messy Mama Blogging Support Group.

I want you to succeed faster than I did.

I don’t want you taking 5 years learning everything just to be an Ostrich for another year. Let’s pull our heads out of the sand and get to work. Trust me get this toolkit. It’s just $97 for over $7,000 worth of products and bonuses. You won’t regret it. I earned mine back my first month blogging! You can do this.

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