How Yoga has Transformed our Homeschool

Homeschooling and yoga  how this or  simple change helped our kids focus more

While homeschooling has been the best choice for our family, I knew we were not a successful as we could be. Introducing yoga to our homeschool was one of the best things that happened to us.

If you’re just tuning in, my children are an alphabet soup of diagnosis. My girls have ADHD, one also has ASD. My son also is on the autism spectrum. Getting everyone to focus was a never-ending battle and frankly I was ready to give up.

So we decided to try yoga for a week and see if it helped anything. I was at my wits end and ready to put the kids in traditional school because we could not seem to get anything done.

We tried yoga for 5   days and it changed our homeschool

How it Went


Monday morning the kids got up and lazed around on the couch waking up. My kids are not rise and shine people. They are more rise and whine. The kids are not morning people for the most part. They want all the cuddles and just have a hard time starting.

I reminded them that they would be doing yoga this morning. And we checked out Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube. They chose to do the yoga video about Betsy the Banana. We were pleasantly surprised that Jamie has a British accent. They were unstable on their feet. The moves made them wobble and they had to work hard to do the poses. Afterward we ate breakfast and started our school work. And it was easier. The kids were more focused than they had been in a while.


Tuesday we got up and they were excited to do another video. I let the youngest choose. They were a little bit better at the yoga poses they did the day before but were challenged by some of the new ones. School work went well again.


Wednesday my son started complaining. “Again?! How many times will we have to do yoga.” I reminded him that we were trying it for the whole week. After a big sigh, he was seated ready to do his Namaste. School work did not go as smoothly as the first two days but when they weren’t complaining, they were focused. Especially my two ADHD girls.

Homeschool yoga hack


Thursday went better. It was an expected part of the morning. They finished their school work quickly. They realized how much free time they had by just getting their work done.


Friday I asked the kids how they felt about yoga in the mornings. I had already saw the changes in them, but I wanted to know how they felt about it. Everyone wanted to continue it and really looked forward to that part of the morning.

What Benefits We Saw From One Week of Yoga

A week is such a short time to say that we actually saw a big difference in the kids. But we did start seeing small changes.

Better Routine

Doing yoga every day before school work gave us time to get in school mode. While they were doing yoga I was setting up our first lessons and tidying our school area. I set a time to start yoga every day. That routine gave my girls with ADHD the structure they needed.

Homeschooling and Yoga

Before sometimes I would work until 9 or 10 and we would start late. Sometimes we would start on time and sometimes early. Every new day was a new routine.

More Focus

We have established that I have two daughters with ADHD and a son on the spectrum, which means some days looked like herding cats keeping everyone on topic and in the school area.

When we started yoga this was the area I was hoping for the most change and I definitely saw it. Moving their body and having to be present to hear the story and understand the moves followed right into our school day.

The kids minds were more quiet. Questions were on topic instead of shooting off in a million directions. They weren’t restless during seatwork. And they got through with school much faster. It blew me away by the second day in how much change had happened.

Physical Changes

Within the first week, I saw kids who could barely stay up during half the poses, mastering many of the easier ones and trying hard during the more difficult ones.

I never give yoga enough credit about building muscle, but the kids would often complain about their middles being sore from working so hard to balance.

And their balance had drastically improved. They were less clumsy and more aware of their bodies during the day. Often Autistic kiddos are not always aware of where in space their bodies are which can lead to accidents and clumsiness. Yoga made a big difference there.

Within 6 months the kids started playing new sports in the evenings and it gave me the ability to compare them with children their own age. My kids had much better balance and flexibility than their peers. I was actually pretty blown away by the vast difference.

Coping Skills

Many times ADHD and ASD also come with anxiety. My oldest daughter actually has generalized anxiety disorder. I noticed that within the week she had started utilizing the breathing methods and some of the poses when she was struggling with anxiety.

Homeschooling and Yoga: How this one simple change helped our kids focus more

Quite a few times when she was having a rough day (typically after/during storms) she would request to do yoga again. It has helped her to control and release a lot of her anxiety.

If you want to know more about homeschooling or want to learn about how to homeschool check out my guide to homeschooling for beginners.

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