Dietbet Journals: I Lost my First DietBet

I lost my first Dietbet, but I still managed to lose 11 lbs in November with my dad being hospitalized and Thanksgiving! November was a crazy month for my family. I had just recently gone back to work part-time, my dad wound up in the hospital and I hosted my 19th Thanksgiving.

I lost my first Dietbet and I’m actually pleased with my progress.

What is Dietbet?

Dietbet is a website and an app that you bet money that you will lose weight. They have 3 plans, Kickstarter, Transformer, and Maintainer. In the Kickstarter you bet that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. In the Transformer, you bet that you will lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months. And in the Maintainer, you bet that you will stay within +/- 3% of your body weight. Maintainer as of right now is still in Beta.

Yes those are my real numbers. If I’m going to share my weight loss journey, I’m going to share the entire process including real numbers and real images.

Why Dietbet worked for me

Dietbet works for me because it’s basically an external goal. They give me the dates and the requirements and I have to do the work to reach that goal. And the idea of losing real money was a big motivator for me too. I was 4 months postpartum with our 6th baby and I was the heaviest I had ever been not pregnant. I was 330 lbs before the Dietbet started. My official weigh-in was 327.2 lbs.

I really love the group I joined. It was fun and funny and sometimes risqué and it fit my personality so much. I had so much fun engaging and sharing photos. If you are looking to join to go to Dietbet and search for King Fatty games. He is hilarious and you will find real people losing weight not Pinterest perfect people. Next week I will outline the baby steps I made in the first month of my weight loss journey.

Do I Think it was Worth it?

I had some people ask me if it was worth it, even though I lost. Absolutely. I lost 11.2 pounds during November. I have never done that before. It really gave me the external motivation that I needed to make consistent changes in my diet to lose weight. I had to do the work but they took away the, “oh well I can just start tomorrow.” I had a hard set deadline and had a clear goal to stick to or lose my money. Turns out I kind of needed those hard set goals that I couldn’t change.

Who do I Recommend Dietbet for?

I recommend Dietbet for anyone who lacks the discipline to be accountable to themselves. Some people are amazing at making goals and promises to themselves and won’t break them. I am not that person. I will make 7 million excuses and I will never do whatever I’m trying to do. I need an external force that really pushes me to make those choices. So if you are like me and love giving yourself excuses and breaking promises to yourself, Dietbet is a great place to try to lose weight.

I’m currently working on another Dietbet that ends December 10th so I will check back in with that then. I’m also joining a December Dietbet from the same host that I lost this one too. And even if I never win a Dietbet as long as I’m continuously making healthy changes and losing weight then I will be happy. If you want to follow my weight loss journey check me out on my Instagram that is dedicated to just my weight loss.

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