Easter while Stuck at Home: Excellent Ideas to Still Have Fun

Kids can still have fun on Easter even when they are stuck at home.

With everything going on right now, I have struggled with if we would do Easter or just let it go by silently.

Kids can still have fun on Easter even when they are stuck at home.

We aren’t a religious family. For us, Easter is a chance to gather with family, have a big dinner and have some fun with the kids.

This year, with everything shut down, we knew gathering with family wouldn’t be happening.

Our big dinner would be smaller and all the activities we normally get to do are cancelled.

So what would we do?

During one of our now regular late-night talks about this chaos, my husband and I agreed that the magic of the Easter Bunny was needed more than ever.

Here is how we will be celebrating. I would love to know what your family is planning on doing for Easter.

Arts and Crafts

Being at home more, means we have time to do some arts and crafts that we would normally be too busy to do. Here are the crafts that we plan on doing before Easter comes.

Dying Easter Eggs

Dying Easter Eggs is one of my favorite activities to do with the kids.

But I really, really hate the dip dye kits. With a passion.

I spend most of my time trying to keep a rainbow flood from happening on my table.

The kids are bored like two minutes into it. And I am stuck at the table doing them myself.

But thankfully for the internet you can find tons of ways to dye eggs.

Cool Whip Dying

Dye Easter eggs with Cool Whip.  Images show cool whip, eggs and food dye.  Food dye is squeezed liberally into the cool whip. The the eggs are rolled around in the mixture. Last image is colorfully dyed eggs.
Thanks to Crafty Morning for these well thought out instructions and tips.

We tried one year to dye easter eggs with shaving cream and food coloring. And it made the hard-boiled eggs taste GROSS!

The next year we tried cool whip. This is super simple.

And the eggs kind of look tie-dye.

The kids can eat the whipped cream, which is nice because my toddler tries to eat every project anyway.

You can find the instructions here.

Painted Eggs

This one is a lot of fun. My kids really enjoy when we do this one.

Instead of making dip-dye cups we use the Easter Egg dye (or food dye) to make food safe water paints.

This is actually really simple to do.

Just put each dye in a small cup (like medicine cups or even a weekly medicine reminder box).

You just need something that will hold a little water or vinegar and the dye tablet.

Stir up the dye with the water or vinegar (your choice). You only need a teaspoon of water or vinegar.

Now your kids can use paint brushes to paint the Easter Eggs.

This one has held my kids’ attention for several hours in the past. They can experiment with lots of paint or an almost dry brush.

Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Suncatchers

Easter Egg Suncatcher & Free Printable Template

Fun things to do when you are stuck at home on Easter. Quarantine Easter. Making Easter Fun.
This super Simple Easter Egg craft acan be found at Simple Mom Project.

I found this really cute Easter Egg Sun Catcher over at Simple Mom Project. She even has a printable template for you.

My kids really enjoyed doing this one. They hung there in their windows to share with friends and neighbors who drive by.

This is one even the toddlers could do.

Easter Egg Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are really easy to put together. You likely have most of the ingredients in your home right now.

Colorful Salt Dough Easter Eggs
Find the Directions to make these adorable Salt Dough Eggs at Design Mom.

Having these hang on a tree would really help to boost the Easter spirit and they are really fun to make.

Everyone in my house from adults to tweens all the way down to toddlers enjoyed flexing their painting skills and making the most unique eggs I have ever seen.

You can get the instructions to make these over at Design Mom.

Peep Houses

I fall squarely in the Peeps are disgusting camp (Fight me). But they are freaking adorable too.

When I was scanning through Pinterest (You can follow me there) and saw these Peep Houses, I knew we had to make them.

Cute little Peep houses to make when you are stuck at home for Easter
Find step by step instructions on Yesterfood

Yesterfood has all the instructions and more images of these adorable little houses.

This is probably a better activity for preschool and up, but toddlers could complete it with a little bit of help from mom and dad.

New Easter Traditions

It’s a good time to start up some new Easter traditions that will make this Easter even more exciting.

When I look back at this Easter in these uncertain times, I want to remember the fun and love we shared. I hope my children do the same.

Easter Baskets Scavenger Hunt

This is actually a tradition that my husband grew up with.

Every Easter their baskets were hidden and they had clues to find them.

This year I am doing the same.

The kids will wake up to one clue after another that leads them back and forth through the house and the yard until hey come to their final clue and their Easter Baskets.

Easy Ideas for Easter at Home. Things to do when you are stuck at home for Easter

You can make your own clues on index cards.

Don’t stress out about perfecting the details. The magic is in the memories made.

Leaving the Easter Bunny Carrots

At Christmas we write letters to Santa and leave him he required milk and cookies and if I am being an awesome mom we remember the reindeer food.

This year my daughter asked why we don’t ever leave the Easter Bunny Carrots. So we are leaving the Easter bunny a plate with a few carrots.

Carrots on a plate left for the Easter Bunny. Lots of fun activities for Easter during quarantine.

Easter Bunny Mischief

I thought it would be funny if the Easter Bunny would cause a little mischief of his own.

Other than hiding the baskets, here is another thing the Easter bunny could also do.

Toilet with jelly beans in it  with a sign that says "Oops! Forgot to Flush."

This is a really easy last-minute way to leave some hilarious evidence that the Easter bunny has come and GONE (you saw what I did there right?)

A little Easter bunny poo in your toilet. The trick to making sure this work is no one using the toilet before the kids see it.

New Spin on Egg Hunts

So Easter egg hunts are typically the same way every single year.

Someone hides the eggs, the kids find the eggs and it’s over.

And you’re are bribing the older kids to hide the eggs again for the little kids.

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

This can be really fun and extend your Easter fun into the evening.

We did this one a few years ago and it was a hit. In fact, every kid in the apartment complex wound up joining us.

Glow in he dark Easter Eggs

The way to get the brightest eggs is to use those battery operated tea lights.

But you can do it with just some glow sticks.

I got the idea from over here at Mavis Butterfield’s blog.

Be Silly Egg Hunt

Our major fail over the years of hiding Easter Eggs with candy in them is the toddlers sit down and eat the candy as they find them.

This year we are moving to a different kind of surprise inside the eggs.

Fun activity to do with your kids when you are stuck at home on Easter

I saw these and immediately knew what we would do with them.

Instead of hiding candy in the eggs, these strips of paper with a activty will be inside.

Some say things like moo like a cow, or sing your favorite song, or a movement like jump on one leg.

If they do the activity, they can get a treat. After a few rounds, they will all be laughing and can have their treats together.

Go grab the printable at Alice and Lois.

Easter Breakfast Ideas

Making a special breakfast is something you can do without having to go anywhere. Check out all of these fun breakfast and brunch ideas for your Easter morning.

Just because this Easer is going to be different doesn’t mean that we can’t make amazing memories with our children and families.

Take the time to video call the grandparents and cousins.

Spend some extra time loving on your little and no so little babies.

Try some new traditions and make this the most memorable Easter so far.

The Big Question: Is the Easer Bunny Still coming? How you can still have a fantastic Easter.

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